Things That Make Me Smile


Things have been kind of overwhelming lately, and I’ve been getting very little writing done which in turn makes everything worse.  I find the best way of dealing with it is just to let things go, but to retain my sense of humour.  So I’ve been thinking of things that make me smile.  Here is my list so far: A birthday card from H, titled, ‘You are EXTRAORDINARY (and a bit moody).’

Nephew running down the stairs to say, ‘Hello, Auntie Jess’ whenever I come home on my bicycle.

A blank Penguin notebook from C in England, titled ‘Men and Pearls’, by Louis Kornitzer.  I laughed when I unwrapped it.

‘What’s so funny?’ Sister asked.  ‘I don’t get it.’

‘It’s ‘cause I like both of them.’

How the puppy gets frisky when we’re running over grass and tries to bite his lead, tripping me up.  And how he lies on my feet under the dinner table, or under my desk.

The cockatiel that sits on the shoulder of the man who mends my shoes.

How Niece curls up against me when she’s tired and plays with my hair.

P1’s quips.

Nephew shouting from the bath, ‘Mummy, can you please come and scratch my back!’ and his mother yelling in return, ‘What did your last slave die of?’